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  • Dear Resident,

    I am asking for your support in the by – election for St Albans North County Division.

    A by-election has been called in the County Division of St Albans North, following the resignation of the Liberal Democrat incumbent after only ten months in the position.

    I have been selected as the Conservative Candidate to contest this seat in the election to be held on Thursday 3rd May (at the same time as the District Council elections).

    Many of you will already know me because I have been District councillor in Marshalswick South for the last twelve years, representing you as one of your Conservative councillors.

    I have campaigned vigorously for better bus services; greater police presence with more CCTV; and the repair of potholes, destroyed pavements and grass verges.

    Despite stories to the contrary the Local Plan will be put forward, by the District Council, for approval at the appropriate time, following consultation with the electorate. The imposed number of houses per year will create a district 25% bigger than at present. I firmly believe that infrastructure improvements must go hand in hand with new developments; but there is a need to look at brownfield sites as well as Green Belt sites.

    In 2015 I was honoured to be chosen by my peers in the Conservative run District Council to represent all citizens of this Great and Ancient city as Mayor. This role was, and is always, undertaken with no political leanings and I believe I carried it out with style and dignity.

    For those of you who do not know me, al little background and some personal details. I was born in a small village in North East Turkey and I came to St Albans in 1972. Initially I worked in various restaurants and I founded my first restaurant in 1978. At this time I met and married, at the Baptist Church in Sherwood Avenue, my wife of now forty years, Maureen, a local St Albans girl. We have two children, a boy and a girl and we have a grandson Jack. Together we built our business with more restaurants and bars, and some retail units.

    I was able to indulge my interest in photo journalism, and I went to war torn Bosnia. The discovery of the distress of innocent people led me to take aid materials there which were distributed to suffering children, some of whom were orphans. I raised lots of money locally to relieve their plight.

    There will always be proposed future projects and developments which will require a strong voice to either defend or promote them and I hope you will agree that a strong, campaigning councillor is the best choice for St Albans North.

    I want to see: -

    Pothole free roads A Litter free city and environs More school places Less air pollution Improved infrastructure Protection of pavements and verges A greener environment

    I will, of course, listen to your concerns and discuss these with you when I am out calling on you in the next four weeks.

    I ask you, please give me your vote on Thursday May 3rd for me to represent you at County Council.

  • Controlled Parking Zone Boundary Road

    Following extensive consultations with local residents, the controlled parking zone implementation will take place in the near future.

    The scheme will be timed so there will be two short periods, one in the morning and afternoon when only residents will be permitted to park.

    This will discourage commuters who park in Culver Road, Heath Road and Walton Street and walk to the station. Unless this controlled parking zone (CPZ) also covers nearby roads commuters will simply park in other nearby streets and displace the problem.

    Whilst this CPZ does not have the blessing of all residents, the majority of those who responded to the consultation were in favour of the scheme.

    Local resident and Conservative candidate, Craig Fothergill said “The increasing amount of inconsiderate commuter parking in our roads means that residents, like myself coming home from work, school runs or shopping have found it increasingly difficult to park anywhere near our homes. This is particularly difficult for those with children, shopping and in bad weather. I welcome the work done by our local councillors to give the community what they want”.

  • Verge Parking And Pavement Damage

    Your local councillors continue to campaign for appropriate action to protect verges and footpaths from damage caused by inconsiderate parking, builder’s vehicles and delivery vehicles. Whilst there are planning permission informatives to protect verges and footpaths, they are only advisory and not enforceable by Council Officers.

    It takes months for verges to recover and damaged paving stones are a trip hazard. It is unacceptable. We need an enforceable by-law, enforcement action and prosecution of drivers who damage verges and footpaths in our district.

  • Post Office In Beech Road To Reopen

    Many of you will remember Beech Road Post Office closed temporarily in April 2017, following the resignation of the Postmaster and the withdrawal of the premises for Post Office use.

    We have some good news; the Post Office are re-opening the branch at the Shell Garage, King William Service Station, 2 Beech Road, from Friday 16 February 2018, approximately 25 metres from the old branch.

    The new operator stated they will improve access with marked pedestrian walkways from the pavement to the store entrance.

    Local resident, Craig Fothergill said “The loss of this facility to local residents was upsetting for many residents. I welcome the initiative shown by the Shell station operator to provide this much needed service to local residents”.

  • Pedestrian Crossing Urgently Needed On Beech Road

    Who is ‘Hogging’ your Hghways Locality Budget (HLB)?

    Your Liberal County Councillor, Charlotte Hogg who has a yearly HLB of £90,000, but has so far spent a mere £27,273 on local projects.

    Meanwhile on Beech Road, parents and children are forced to take refuge in the cross hatchings in the middle of the road and dodge moving traffic to reach local schools. It’s easy for Cllr Hogg to blame the County Council administration rather than do something to keep residents safe.

    So, come on Cllr Hogg, put your hand in your HLB pocket and keep parents and children crossing this road safe.

  • More action will be taken this year to reduce energy use in St Albans and further cut harmful emissions. The Council is on track to meet its target of a 20% reduction District-wide for greenhouse gas emissions in the period ending 2020/21.

    Over the coming year, the Council will continue to encourage energy efficiency with a series of initiatives. To find out more about these go to

  • New recycling bins have been installed at Verulamium Park as part of a long-term plan to roll out similar bins across council-run parks. The new bins have a separate compartment for the recycling of plastics and tins, with another for general refuse.

  • Vote To Keep Conservatives In Marshalswick South We’ve already done so much and, with your votes, we can continute the good work of the Conservative Party in your local area.

    Vote to keep Marshalswick south Conservative by giving both Richard Curthoys and Steve McKeown your vote on Thursday, January 29. Since the Conservatives took control of the District Council, all of the empty retail units in the City centre are now taken. This is not just a coincidence, it shows that our policies are working and almost 100 places are being looked at with plans to create free on-street parking to help boost business.

    We’ve also achieved:

    The creation of hundreds of new affordable homes from derelict garage sites. Given our support to keep the Pioneer Youth Club open, or relocate it to secure it for future generations. Protected the historic architecture of St Albans while allowing improvements. Safeguarded the Green Belt from inappropriate development. Read more...
  • Free Car Parking

    We will support ward Councillor Salih Gaygusuz in his drive to get more free on-street parking spaces introduced in St Albans City centre. These will add to the charge free spaces he has already seen created. There are 73 parking spaces in the pipeline, which will make a total of almost 100 FREE City centre parking spaces.

  • Richard Curthoys: “I’ve lived in the St Albans area since 1960 and attended a local school and college in the City. During my working life I have enjoyed a variety of jobs including serving as a police officer in Hertsfordshire and London. I also worked on the London 2012 Olympic bid as a project manger for risk and security. You can contact me directly by calling 07896 786485 or email”

    Steve McKeown: “I have lived in St Albans from birth and have resided in Marshalwick South for most of my life. I run a local therapy and coaching clinic in the City centre and have spent many years studying matters of the mind. You can get in touch by calling me on 07980 101 206 or email”

    Both Richard and Steve are out and about knocking on doors so that they can get to know you better.

  • We will continue to campaign on behalf of residents to force your county councillor Labour's Roma Mills to mend our broken pavements, repair potholes properly and take care of our grass verges through conditions to be imposed on builders and developers as a condition to granting planning permission. Despite the dishonest misleading literature issued by the Green Party and information on their website we'll continue informing residents right up to the poll  that there is no preference voting system in place for this by-election and that every vote counts equally. Despite cynical attempts to ruin the 2015/16 budget by the Liberal Democrats and make hard working residents pay 10%  extra on council tax, we will continually  look for savings in Council Tax to help you keep more of YOUR MONEY.  UKIP aren't going to win in Marshalswick South, so if you are preparing to vote for UKIP at the local by-election on the 29th January as a protest to the government, then you may want to think again. A vote for UKIP is actually a vote for Labour. Don't let national politics get in the way of your local vote. Make it count. Read more...
  • Market Days

    Come and meet your Conservative representatives and MP Anne Main at St. Albans Market on Saturday, February 7, March 7, April 4 and May 2.

  • We’re cleaning up!

    Councillor Salih Gaygusuz was out litter picking at the Wick and Beech Bottom Dyke with both Conservative candidates Richard Curthoys and Steve McKeown. They will continue to get out and about and will be getting their hands dirty to blitz litter hotstpots in the Marshalwick South area.

  • Dangerous parking in Valley Road.

    Following Conservative campaigning, dangerous parking in Valley Road is being looked at by the relevant departments within the council. Councillor Salih Gaygusuz has been working on the issue for the last few years following complaints about motorists creating a hazard by parking on bends. Now officials are investigating potential restrictions to put a stop to the reckless parking.

  • Crossing campaign success.

    A long-running campaign with the County Council has finally paid off. We asked for a pedestrian crossing close to the shops at Beech Road and this was the subject of a petition presented at a recent Highways and Waste Management Cabinet Panel at Herts County Council. It was agreed that officers will look, in conjuction with local councillors, at possible crossing solutions.

  • Anne Main MP, Working Hard For You I’m celebrating a parliamentary victory over my campaign on Stamp Duty. After intense lobbying, the Chancellor was persuaded to reform the unfair slab system thus halving the tax bill for a typical first-time home-buyer in St Albans and making savings for everyone buying homes under £937,000 Vital rail services for St Albans have deteriorated under the new Govia franchise and I’m taking the problem to the Transport Secretary. It’s unacceptable for commuters to pay huge fares and also be faced with delays, a declining service and poor communication. Govia needs to answer these failings. I will lead a delegation of MPs to see the Minister in the next few weeks. I have been attending meetings about our Strategic Health service review. Disappointingly the chief executive has now quit mid process! I will meet the new chief executive as soon as possible and will continue to fight for strong local NHS services to meet local need. Read more...
  • District Council By-Election

    Dear Resident,

    There will be a by-election in the New Year after two of your district councillors, Heidi Allen and Seema Kennedy, were chosen to stand as Conservative Parliamentary candidates in the forthcoming 2015 election. Both Heidi and Seema have submitted their resignations as district councillors so that they can concentrate their efforts in their respective Constituencies.

    Cllr Kennedy said “I would like to thank everyone in Marshalswick South who answered my surveys and who voted for me. I have learned a lot which I hope to put to good use in my future political service. St Albans Council is in excellent hands with Conservatives at the helm. Richard and Steve are both long-time residents of St Albans, and will be strong and effective advocates for local people."

    Richard Curthoys has lived in the St Albans area since 1960. He attended a local school and college in the city. He has had a variety of jobs during his working life including serving as a police officer in Hertfordshire and London. He also worked on the London 2012 Olympic bid as a project manager for risk and security management and currently works for a facilities management company looking after a site in Wheathampstead. 

    Richard has been married to his wi...

  • You asked, Salih did it… FREE CITY CENTRE PARKING

    For six years Salih campaigned vigorously for free on street parking in the City centre. It was only when the Conservatives took leadership of the Council that he was finally able to get one hour free parking on Etna Road, Upper Marlborough Road and 2 hour parking (pay for one) on St Peters Street. Salih says “I am working with my colleagues and the Council to have more free parking made available which will help to rejuvenate our City. It is Unfortunate that in the past the LibDems were only worried about loss of revenue!”.

  • The right kind of shops

    Salih is a local business man who has seen the City Centre changes and believes there should be better planning controls in place over the types of retail outlets in the area. Salih is against having too many betting shops and cash for gold shops.

  • Hospital car park rip off

    Salih believes hospital car parks should not profiteer from illness. Salih says “The minimum fee of £4 is daylight robbery and I will fight for fairer charges”.

  • Former Ariston works

    Many of you have concerns about the former Ariston works. This is County owned land which is costing large sums of taxpayers’ money to maintain. The site is now for sale with the condition that the purchaser continues to provide facilities for Youth Connections and Pioneer Skate Park; the Judo Club has been relocated at Batchwood Sports Complex. Salih says “Despite all the negative publicity by other political parties the Pioneer Club’s future is safe“.

  • Our green belt is at risk with Labour & Lib dems

    Labour and Lib Dem group failed to support our District plan demanding a GREEN BELT REVIEW, which will open up more green belt for development. That’s why GREEN BELT is safer with your local Conservatives.

  • Why vote for Conservatives?

    Some residents will vote on the basis of national issues and what is going on at 10 Downing Street. But we must not forget that when the labour ministers left Number 10 declaring that “Dear Chief Secretary, I ’m afraid there is no money. Kind regards and good luck! Liam Bryne” we were left on the brink of bankruptcy. If Labour had remained in control for any longer we could have ended up like Greece and Cyprus, with them helping themselves to your life savings. Everyone knew that whoever took office after labour would have a hard job getting the country on the right track again.

    Difficult decisions have to be made and some of it will be a hard pill to swallow, but it is the unfortunate truth of the situation we are in today.

    Please think carefully before you tick the polling card.


  • Salih Challenging St.Albans County Councillors incompetence at COUNTY HALL

    In total we currently have seven County Councillors at County Hall representing St.Albans, all of which are Liberal Democrats and some of those councillors have been there for 20 years.

    They have a duty to make sure we have safe roads to drive on but whilst they are busy posturing over potholes for their political leaflets they fail to answer YOUR question ‘Why doesn’t your County Councillor get YOUR roads repaired?’. All County Councillors should use their position to make sure the area they represent is well maintained, and if elected, I will do this for St.Albans North.


  • What does the blocking of the Strategic Local Plan, mean to residents who are not concerned about Political snipping?

    Since November, the Conservative Administration at St Albans City and District Council, which believes

    in prudent management of residents’ monies and environment has had 3 critical decisions blocked by the opposition parties of Liberal Democrats, Labour, Green and Independent – The Pre-submission Strategic Local Plan, Council House Tenancies and the Budget. Of course that is what democracy should allow, but is it right?   What does the blocking of the Strategic Local Plan, the planning polices for the future, mean to residents who are not concerned about Political snipping :   We still have the oldest Local Plan of any district council in the UK, it is 20 years old! Which means that the District will not have any modern planning policies for some time, whilst more money is spent of further studies to assess our Green Belt land and the number of houses that is needed in the District.   These type of studies had all been carried out by the previous Lib Dem administration starting in 2006. The document that the Conservative Administration brought to Council actually contained most of what the Lib Dems had already written, but they seem to have decided to side with the Labour Group to ensure that a Conservative Plan was brought down because they had been lobbied by residents in areas that would be affected by the suggested locations for strategic housing rather than on sensible planning reasons.   New housing will have to go somewhere in the District and nobody will ever like where it has to go, but there were sound planning reasons for those choice of locations. And do you know, those applications for housing on those exact same sites have either been submitted or are in the process of being submitted to the Council, and do you also know that it is quite likely that those planning applications will be decided by the Secretary of State Local Governments, just like the Strategic Rail Freight Exchange because we do not have modern robust planning policies in place. So locals have no control.   It is also likely that other applications on the Green Belt will be submitted, the Conservative administration has had to put £1.5m of tax payers money aside to pay for possible planning enquiries.   I have been asked by many of you is the Greenbelt behind the King Harry Estate or around Sopwell safe still – the answer is no. Well we don’t know. The new studies that the Council haa called for may well identify these tracts of land as being appropriate for housing (yes you have that battle all over again!) Then it will again be down to your Councillors to make the difficult decision of where to build. I leave it to you to decide whether the decisions in November were of value to the residents of the district.   Of course the delay of the Local Plan also means that we will have to wait longer for policies to obtain money from developers to help with the provision of better infrastructure – such as better roads and more and better schools and nurseries and we will have to wait longer to dictate what type and size of housing we need in the district – smaller affordable houses for the young and lower paid; supported homes for the elderly and vulnerable groups. Read more...
  • Council wins funds to help residents with recycling

    St Albans City and District Council will give local householders a free caddy for recycling food waste, thanks to a successful funding bid to Hertfordshire County Council. The District Council was awarded £234,450 after the County Council invited councils across Hertfordshire to bid for funds to change the way they recycle waste. Some of this funding will be used to provide the food caddies.

    This funded initiative is part of the District Council’s drive to meet enhanced recycling targets by 2015. The target is to get household recycling across the District above 60%. The Council hopes to replicate the success of other districts, where the provision of food caddies has decreased landfill. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to recycle their food waste.

    The tabletop-sized food caddies will be delivered to more than 50,000 houses around the District during the summer. Deliveries to flats will take place in the next phase of the initiative later in the year.

    The caddies are designed to hold up to five litres of food waste, both cooked and raw, which can be transferred to the green wheeled waste bins for recycling. A starter pack of compostable liners will also be provided with the caddies.

    Cllr Daniel Chichester-Miles, Portfolio Holder for the Environment at St Albans City and District Council, said: “Winning this funding is excellent news for our recycling – particularly since a recent audit showed that over 33% of the waste we send to landfill consists of food. I am very pleased that we can provide these food caddies to residents to make it easier for people to recycle food waste.”


    Hertfordshire County Council has re-launched its online highways fault reporting system making it quicker and easier for people to report faults such as potholes and faulty streetlights.  Among improvements are new functions enabling people to use a smart phone to report faults and to see faults reported by others.

    By viewing a map showing where faults have already been reported, people can subscribe to receive email updates on progress which means they do not have to report the same faults again, saving taxpayers’ time and money.

    Highways faults can be reported online using the new system at


    Conservative-run Hertfordshire County Council has frozen council tax for the fourth year in a row, while continuing to invest in essential services and support Hertfordshire’s economy. 

    Residents will not be asked to pay a single penny more this year for the wide range of services provided by your local county council, which range from schools and social care to Fire & Rescue and maintenance of the county’s 3,000 miles of roads.

    Leader of the council Robert Gordon said: “Despite the difficult economic situation and increasing pressures on the budget, we are continuing to invest in services that are essential to supporting Hertfordshire’s residents and economy.  We have listened to what residents have said about our services and their needs and committed to addressing all of these issues in our budget, while still making the savings needed to balance the books.

    “We will continue to invest in schools’ expansions to meet the demands of our growing population; improving transport facilities and maintaining the highways; and modernising homes for older people.  Schemes are underway to bring superfast broadband to more residents; to help first time buyers get on the property ladder; and to negotiate cheaper energy prices on behalf of our residents.”

    These improvements are being made against a backdrop of reduced government funding and more than £15m of additional costs from inflation, legislative changes and demographic pressures associated with an increasing population with more complex needs.   This has been made possible through the ‘Council for the Future’ business transformation programme identifying £163m of annual savings by 2014/15, of which £127m has already been delivered. 

    Robert continued: “Our prudent financial management has meant that we’ve not needed to shut a single public library or children’s centre, and we continue to spend record sums on our roads.  It has also allowed us to continue reducing the council’s debts at a faster rate, which is very important for the long-term economic stability of the county. The more we pay back now, the more secure our financial position will be in the future.”


    More than 95 per cent of Hertfordshire children have been allocated a place at one of their preferred secondary or upper schools.   The online allocation system became available for all online applicants on 1 March after allocation emails have been despatched.  This year, 97 per cent of parents applied online.

    This year 11,660 children in the county have been allocated one of their ranked schools, a success rate of nearly 96 per cent.  Just over 80 per cent of children gained a place at their first ranked school, up from 79 per cent last year.  This year for the first time parents were able to rank four schools rather than three and 225 children were allocated their fourth preference school.

    Further detailed information about the post-allocation processes, including breakdowns by district of school allocation figures, can be found online from Friday 1 March at


    Over 1,500 residents have signed up to Hertfordshire County Council’s collective energy buying scheme and customers who decide to switch supplier look set to save an average of £120 a year on their fuel bills, with some saving as much as £250.  Launched by Hertfordshire County Council in November 2012, the ‘Ready to Switch’ scheme works by combining the buying power of the county’s residents with that of two million others from across the country.

    And now Hertfordshire residents wanting to save money on their energy bills have another opportunity to sign up to the collective energy buying scheme by Monday 8 April.   After signing up to the scheme, bill-payers are under no obligation to accept the deal offered to them. They get to see the lowest priced energy around but can say no to the offer if they choose to.

    The easiest way to participate in the scheme and to find out more is by visiting If you don’t have access to the internet, you can get help to sign up using a public computer at your local library.


    Hertfordshire County Council and its Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner have agreed a ground-breaking partnership with the appointment of HCC’s Director of Community Protection also becoming Chief Executive of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s office.

    Hertfordshire’s County Community Safety Unit – a joint venture between Hertfordshire Constabulary and the county council – is already a shared unit and this new dual role will strengthen existing partnerships and allow for greater sharing of resources and ‘back office’ functions as well as creating immediate savings for both organisations.


    Speaking at a conference of Conservative Candidates and activitsts on Saturday 9 March, County Leader, Robert Gordon, launched the Conservative Group’s manifesto for the election on 2 May.

    Robert said “this Manifesto offers a renewed contract with the people of Hertfordshire, building on the achievements of the Conservative Administration over the last four years.   We have transformed our business to save approaching one pound in five; reduced management cost by 25%; now employ 1,000 fewer staff; have lowered planned borrowing; achieved still higher standards in social care; not closed a single public library or children’s centre; and continue to spend record sums on highways maintenance – and we have not put a single penny on the council tax since 2009.

    “Freezing the council tax will save the average Hertfordshire taxpayer £159 next year – and around £400 over the four years of the freeze.  A vote for any other party on 2 May will put all this in jeopardy and risk putting less prudent parties in charge of the £8 billion the County Council will spend over the next four years.”

    The Conference was also attended by Bob Neill, MP, Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party with responsibility for local government and Charles Walker, MP for Broxbourne, both of whom commended the record of the council over the last four years and endorsed the manifesto.

    A copy of the manifesto is available here: 2013 HCC Manifesto


    Despite their posturing, UKIP helped scupper the EU budget cut  push through by David Cameron, against the odds. 

    The key vote, proposed by the Conservatives, would have agreed the deal agreed by the 27 Heads of States which involves the first ever cut in the EU budget.  UKIP voted against the EU budget cut.

    Vicky Ford, MEP, reports that, in her experience on economic and financial work in Brussels, UKIP rarely turn up for committee, they always leave an empty seat in negotiations, they miss key committee votes – including one on the dreadful financial transaction tax which we lost by just one vote – and the “responsible” member never bothers to table a single amendment on any of the mountain of legislation we face. This is not good for Britain or British businesses.

    Only the Conservative majority government can give an in/out referendum on Europe. A vote for UKIP will not give a referendum, it will not defend British interests and just lets Labour or the LibDems back in – whether nationally or locally.


    This week’s Budget rewards those who aspire to work hard and get on. It is for those who want to own a home, get their first job, start a business, or save for their retirement. It is a Budget for people who realise there are no easy answers. Our economic plan combines fiscal responsibility with monetary activism and supply side reform. It is taking longer than anyone hoped but we are on the right track.

    Together with the British people we are, slowly but surely, fixing our country’s economic problems. We’ve now cut the deficit not by a quarter, but by a third. We’ve helped business create not a million new jobs, but one and a quarter million new jobs. We’ve kept interest rates at record lows.

    Labour’s answer to Britain’s borrowing problems is to borrow even more – £33 billion more this year alone – that’s exactly how they got us into this mess in the first place.  A budget briefing is available here.  Budget 2013 brief

  • WHAT HAS THIS GOVERNMENT DONE FOR US? Cut the deficit by a third Seen 1.25 million new jobs created in the private sector Overseen the creation of 250,000 new small businesses Seen a record number of apprenticeships started – half a million in the last year alone Cut the tax bills of 24 million people by £600 on average – and taken 2.2 million people out of income tax altogether Frozen Council Tax for at least 3 years in a row (4 years by Hertfordshire County Council!) Forced energy companies to put customers on the lowest tariff Capped benefits – so no out-of work household can receive more than the average working family earns Cut net immigration by a third – from 235,000 to 163,000 a year Vetoed a new EU Treaty that wasn’t inBritain’s national interest Seen crime fall by 10% since the 2010 General Election Employed over 6,000 more doctors in the NHS – and 6,000 fewer managers



    Under Labour, annual net migration quadrupled. We are determined to control immigration and reduce annual net migration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands. Since we came into government, net migration has fallen by a third. We have put a cap on economic migration from outside the EU and we are reforming student, work and family visas. Within the EU, we have kept the transitional limits on Romania and Bulgaria, until the point where every member state has to remove them. Unlike Labour, who waived transitional controls on various Eastern European states joining the EU.

    We can today confirm that we’re looking at a powerful new tool to help deal with the problem of people overstaying on their visas. Visa overstayers are the major part of the UK Border Agency’s enforcement caseload – clogging up the system. The challenge isn’t just stopping people coming into Britain illegally, it’s about dealing with individuals who come over legitimately, but then become illegal once they’re already here.

    One idea is a system of security bonds. The Prime Minister has asked the Home Office to look at this idea, with a view to running a pilot before the end of the year. The basic premise is simple: in certain cases, when a visa applicant is coming from a high risk country, in addition to satisfying the normal criteria, UKBA would be able to request a deposit – a kind of cash guarantee. Once the visitor leaves Britain, the bond will be repaid.

  • Time to cut out the dead wood in St.Albans The devastation of the magnificent trees at Westminster Lodge symbolises the uncaring and heavy-handed way in which the Lib Dems have run the Council for the past few years. It’s a style with which they’ll be happy to continue ... UNLESS you act and vote to cut out the Dead Wood on May 5th Cut out the arrogance

    A new leisure centre at Westminster Lodge is long overdue, but the Lib Dem’s refusal to accept independent advice and their contempt for the views of the local community has ended up in a “Westminster Bodge”. The new £27million+ facility is too small and far too costly. But they’ll continue splashing your cash in the same way ... UNLESS you act to vote the Lib Dems out.

    Cut out the waste

    At a time when everyone is feeling the pinch, the Lib Dem Council wants to waste £340,000 of your money on a trial scheme to part-pedestrianise St Peter’s Street! They’ll waste all this money on an unwanted vanity project at the start of next year ... UNLESS you act to vote the Lib Dems out.

    Cut out the incompetence

    Under their amateurish leadership, the Lib Dems have cost you, the taxpayer, tens of thousands of pounds through their incompetence.

    Remember the blunder which meant thousands of parking tickets were unenforceable or the lost laptop that contained personal detail of local residents? They’ll be more than happy to blunder their way through another term ... UNLESS you act to vote the Lib Dems out.

    Cut out the spin

    If there’s one thing the local Lib Dems are good at, it’s getting their faces in the local press. If they spent less time worrying about their image and more time working for the community, we might actually have a 50-metre pool with world-class diving facilities, like Luton. Or a multi-screen cinema, like Hatfield. Or a department store, like Hemel, Welwyn and Watford. Unfortunately, St Albans will continue playing second-fiddle to our neighbouring towns ... UNLESS you act to vote the Lib Dems out.

  • LibDem End of term report Apart from a few years of respite when there was No Overall Control, the Lib Dems have run the St Albans District Council since 1994. And it shows. On May 5th, you’ll have the chance to report on how well you think they’ve done during their term in office. So how well do you think they performed in the following subjects?

    Click here to download the full report

    Council Tax

    “We’ve frozen it again!”, shout the Lib Dems from the rooftops. All of which sounds very impressive until you realise that as a direct result of Conservative policy at Westminster, Council Tax has been frozen in every District in the country.

    “The Lib Dems are trying to take the credit for someone else’s work!”

    School places

    The District needs more school places. Urgently! The Lib Dems protest that the provision of these extra school places is a County Council issue BUT the County Council can only act when a District Council furnishes it with plans for future housing, infrastructure and population growth.

    9 out the 10 District Councils have provided Herts County Council with their forecasts. St Albans is the only one that hasn’t. Indeed it hasn’t produced a Local Plan since 1994, the year they first got elected.

    “The Lib Dems are failing you.”

    The Green Belt

    The Lib Dems are engaged in a strange sort of hokey-cokey. They put their green belts sites in to their Core Strategy, they take their green belt sites out. In, out, in, out and then .... commission another Report! It’s an unedifying spectacle that wastes enormous resources and confuses all concerned.

    “Lib Dem indecision is putting the Green Belt at risk.”


    The confusion over the Green Belt is typical of a Planning Department in chaos. Officers are increasingly remote from the public they are supposed to serve. And new procedures, such as only being able to speak to a Case Officer during a short window of time each afternoon, are only going to make the situation worse. As a result, people feel unfairly treated and are unable to get decisions in a reasonable time.

    “The Lib Dems don‘t engage enough and fail to focus on the task in hand.”


    The Lib Dems were slow off the mark to protest against the incinerator at Harper Lane, which is why it’s still on the agenda. Our more progressive and ambitious plans for recycling would have stopped this nightmare in its tracks.

    “The Lib Dems are content to recycle old ideas while letting you down.”


    Despite having been in office for so many years, the Lib Dems are still wet behind the ears. Bricket Wood Swimming Pool was closed long before the lease could be transferred: a mistake which cost you, the local council taxpayer, hundreds of thousands of pounds.

    But that’s just a drop in the ocean compared to the £millions the Lib Dems have committed future generations to spend on a new pool at Westminster Lodge, which is already acknowledged to be too small!

    “The Lib Dems demonstrate a lack of clear thinking and refuse to consider alternative views.”

    St Peter’s Street pedestrianisation

    From one vanity project to another. Despite the concerns of local retailers, the worries of residents in surrounding streets and the dismay of all those who remember the one-way system, the Lib Dems want to spend £340,000 on trialling a scheme nobody but they want.

    “The Lib Dems don’t listen and have a cavalier attitude to their work.”

    “F” for Failure And farewell. It’s time to bring the curtain down on the Lib Dems time in office. For a positive change in St Albans, vote Conservative on Thursday 5th May.


  • The Council must wake up to message of all those empty shops

    Council inaction, high rates, rents and car park charges are leading to empty premises in St Albans.  The Council can and should do something about this.

    During my time as a councillor I raised the issue of looking at doing something about the state of our city centre. LibDems have refused each time saying there is no reason for concern, the city centre is fine and shops are doing well, why do they fail to see the shops closing due to aggressive parking rules, in the last 3 weeks we have lost Hooters at Chequers street, Barneys at London rd & Harry smith's bar.

    One retailer infact posted a notice on his window saying he had to close his shop (Richard's Hifi Store, st. Peters Street) due to aggressive parking rules, but the council still insists there is no cause for concern, they refuse to see the most obvious signs.

  • Make St Albans a better place to shop

    Conservatives at all levels will work to strengthen our shopping centres and improve the shopping experience in St Albans.


    The state of our City centre desperately needs attention.  Every time this issue comes up at Council meetings LibDems say that there is no cause for concern.  Friendly, inviting and less aggressive parking wardens with cheaper parking fees will help, but the LibDems won’t listen.

    It’s time to send the message to the LibDems, who have run the Council for many years, that there is a real problem in St Albans.  More timed free parking will not only help the City’s businesses, it will also ease the problem for city centre residents who can never park their cars outside their homes because shoppers park there and walk into town

    I will work to make parking a service to the community rather than a way of raising tax.

  • A closed St Peter's St will make things worse

    I will fight LibDem plans to close St Peter’s Street.  The Council must listen to the objections of shop keepers and residents worried about traffic and pollution with cars being forced into neighbouring streets.

  • London Road has been an eye sore for many years and the Council has done nothing about it. We now have  the proprietors of the Rex at Berkhamstead restoring the old London Road cinema with money raised from interested parties including many residents of this City.  As a Council we should be doing all we can to support this restoration project.  It will tidy up London Road and liven it up. Bizarrely, the Council is doing the opposite. The LibDems are proposing to spend £0.5 million of your money to put a competing cinema at the Maltings.

  • We all know our roads have potholes, damaged pavements and chewed up verges. Unfortunately the local LibDem County Councillors are failing to do their job.  These councillors are the ones you often see posing by potholes for their election leaflets. It’s the job of County Councillors to use their position to influence the road repairs, but they would rather play the blame  game than do something about it.  Currently all St Albans’ County Councillors are LibDems.

  • Green Belt

    The Lib Dems are engaged in a strange sort of hokey-cokey. They put their green belts sites in to their Core Strategy, they take their green belt sites out. In, out, in, out and then .... commission another Report! It’s an unedifying spectacle that wastes enormous resources and confuses all concerned.

    LibDem indecision means Green Belt sites are being taken out, then put straight back in as suitable for building on.


    VERGES CAN BE PROTECTED Due to Conservative Councillors’ efforts,  double kerbs in some parts of the City have stopped green verges been turned in to mud.  We will continue to work with the County Council to raise kerbs where suitable, to stop builders and cars damaging them.

  • I do not believe councillors should push for increased allowances and would vote against it. While I have no objection to allowances to cover the cost of duties, I believe it should not be a money making practice.

  • Salih makes a difference

    Progress is being made with road surfacing work at The Ancient Briton junction, Marshalls Drive, and Sandridge Road. Salih is also pressing to bring forward work on some of the other roads in St. Albans North.

    As a result of your concerns about churned up grass verges, steps are to be taken to stop parking and put an end to builders using these green strips to dump their materials and rubbish. Salih wants to tidy up our City and will be making sure that the regulations are enforced.

  • Gurney Court Rd. mast - Update

    On 6th April common sense prevailed at St. Albans District Council and the controversial proposal to put on Orange mast on the triangle was refused. ...

  • County Council shortlisted for two efficiency awards

    Hertfordshire County Council has been shortlisted for two top awards which recognise the efficiency of its services. The winners of the MJ Local Government Achievement Awards 2009 will be announced on 25 June.

    In the Public Private Partnership section, Herts Highways has been recognised for its efficiency and high class service. The MJ citation reads:

    “Hertfordshire County Council’s partnership with consultants Mouchel and contractor AmeyLafarge has been delivering efficiency savings and first class road maintenance services through Hertfordshire Highways since 2002. Following a major review and extension of the contracts last year, the partnership has built on its success and is now on schedule to meet a new target of £13m in savings over the next four years.”

    Stuart Pile, Executive Member for Highways says, “Herts Highways sometimes comes in for complaints because we just cannot give them enough money to do the job that we would all like to see. However, it is splendid that the judges for this prestigious national award recognise the efficient and effective way in which Herts Highways use the resources they have in maintaining our roads. We are able to invest the efficiency savings they make to fund extra work on the roads.”

    The second nomination is in the People and Workforce section. The citation reads:

    “TW3 is the popular shorthand for Hertfordshire’s imaginative ‘The Way We Work’ programme, which is designed to make the very best use of its staff and most efficient use of resources. Over a three year period the county has streamlined its organisation, reduced office accommodation from 51 to just three main bases resulting in the improved motivation and morale of its staff to maintain its focus on delivering service excellence.”

    David Lloyd, Executive Member for Resources says, “we put great emphasis on getting the best value from every taxpayer’s pound. This programme has done just that, while also investing in proper facilities for our staff in delivering their important services.”

    The Council was also commended in the Energy Efficiency category.

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